Web Design

Flourish’s website architecture and advancement group convey:

  • Responsive
  • Quick sites with an emphasis on enhanced substance;
  • Improved client experience.

6 + 4 =

How Do You Do Effective Web Design?

Web design speaks to a website’s look and feel. In other words, how the user experiences the web presence, phone app, or software-as-a-product service.

Whereas web development operates behind the scenes by building code to create marvellous illusions, while ticking Google SEO boxes at the same time. Elite web developers build sites on ‘canned’ content management systems like WordPress to develop website faster. Customers pay less for rapid turnaround.

Your website is where your customers gather to explore your products and services. And their first impression often makes or breaks your brand. Responsive web design adapts to devices customers are using, in particular the size of their screens. The internet is evolving. We must evolve with it too!

Web Design and Development Both Matter

Your website is your primary digital marketing presence. All your other strategies – search engine optimisation SEO, email and the rest point to it. But will it open as smoothly and efficiently as your business? And be a pleasure to use? Visitors will abandon it if they experience problems. That’s lost business! You need one of Elite Digital marketing’s easy going user experiences if you want to grow your sales. • Web design that invites the user in • The right content to make your point • A smooth easy-go user experience • Solid web development you trust Elite Digital marketing makes frequent use of WordPress as web development backbone. Would you like them to set it up so you can add your products, user testimonials, and blogs? That’s another great saving you get with Elite Digital marketing, your ideal companion on your digital journey. We are a real Philippines based business and we understand your needs like few other Philippines marketing agencies do.

Website Design and Development

We invest time to understand each client’s special needs … That way they get a website that stands out from all others.


Phase 1: Discovery

We gather all the goals the website must meet during the initial research process:

  • What does our client hope to achieve?
  • How does that map across to their users’ needs?
  • Can we use third party agents to spread their message?
  • How about using social media and email services?

Phase 2: Road Mapping

Building a website is a complex process. A detailed process needs a plan!

  • What will the broad layout and site map look like?
  • Will this arrangement meet client and user goals?

Elite Digital marketing then writes up the site map in a series of wire frames. We ask the client to approve. They visualise a website that’s fast, and responsive to all user interfaces.

Phase 3: Project Plan

We now ready to get down to work. We agree a project plan that lays out all the essential steps. Who will do what, and by when to complete the creative process?

Everything we do must be fit for purpose. Does it map back to our client’s needs? How will their users respond to the interface? Will it be easy to navigate?

Phase 4: Construction

We now have everything we need for the web development phase, construction by coding. The work is detailed as we develop front end templates and back end details.

Then we reach the final stage, entering the content in spaces we prepared. Everything fits perfectly. Visitors will admire previews on social media. They will want to visit!

Phase 5: Achievement of Your Goals

We are almost ready let the site go live. So you can share the permanent link with your contacts. But first, we must thoroughly test it, and perfect the product.

Then we hand the site to you for approval, before releasing it in the public domain. Then it is over you to add your customer feedback, blogs, and so on.

Phase 6: Providing Support You Need

Elite does not believe in enforcing service level agreements. We are always available to help. However, we believe in letting our customers decide the level they need.

We close by mentioning the imperative to keep sites up to date, to protect them from hacking. That’s because we want our sites to have long, and successful lives!

Web Design’s Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Website?

The majority of customers begin their searches on social media, and then visit websites that attract. Then they decide how and where they make their purchases. It’s become almost impossible for companies to survive without decent web presences. They also provide an essential back bone for other ecommerce marketing.

Which CMS is Best for Me?

Content managing systems CMS are the frameworks web designers create to hold content (images, words, videos and so on). WordPress is the most popular CMS with over 450 million sites running. And no wonder, when there are thousands of styles, themes and plugin apps available. This variety creates endless opportunities to create a unique presence. In fact, the biggest problem may be choosing the right one. The content editor is a real pleasure!

How Does Web Design Affect SEO?

SEO is a broad array of techniques to improve inbound traffic from search engines. Here we think about both quantity and quality of results. But it is equally important for users to stay on page after they arrive. Slow speed, hard-reading fonts and annoying popups can irritate them and chase them away. That’s why we say fit-for-purpose web design, and convincing content go hand in hand. Provided of course you need a website that brings visitors and business!

How Do Interactive and Responsive Design Compare?
  • Interactive web design responds to the user’s actions, so they feel welcome and appreciated.
  • Responsive web design, on the other hand adapts to the user’s technology in terms of their device.

EO websites incorporate and balance both elements, so visitors enjoy the experience, and find out what they want fast.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing strip should be an airplane’s first contact when it lands at an airport, and ensure a smooth landing. Then passengers can disembark and explore.

A landing page has similar purpose after visitors follow a link. They should arrive smoothly, and discover what they expected to find. However, the content varies.

A landing page that follows a link offering something specific should meet that purpose. Whereas one offering information may be more descriptive.

However, the most important thing is links must be honest, and stick to their promises. For if they do not, then you may lose the contact forever after all the effort finding them.

WordPress Services

Every business and individual needs a presence on the internet. And that’s because the internet has become the primary communication highway. The better your website looks and feels, the greater chance you have of being discovered, and impressing new customers and suppliers. WordPress made this opportunity available to businesses large and small. And it is successfully supporting over 450 million customers who get the basic service free.

With WordPress, you need never worry about people finding you when you code your SEO right. Although if you use the paid-for features, you may need support.

About WordPress

WordPress helps its customers create websites faster than most other options. By providing a variety of pre-programmed framework it calls ‘themes’. Themes may limit creativity, but there are a wide variety to choose from. After you download your chosen selection, all you need do is add your content, images etc. WordPress first intended to provide free space where users could blog their stories. Creative people started using it for business. WordPress policy is still:

  • Anybody can use WordPress free provided they have a domain.
  • Users have open access to the code and can adapt it on their sites.
  • They can use it for business purposes too, without licensing fees.

Why Your Business Should Use WordPress 

People are accustomed to searching and finding information on the web. If you don’t have a website, you are locked away from this. But you also need a good website too. Your website is your business showroom when you think of it that way. Therefore, it must do more than look good. It must also deliver great browsing experiences. You may need an experienced website designer / developer like EO to optimise WordPress potential to meet your needs. Base your choice on these four criteria:

A Flexible Approach To Your Suggestions

EO’s WordPress experts know how to tailor your web site to suit your preferences. They know which WordPress themes will suit you best. And they will explain why. Showcase your site, blog or store the Elite Digital marketing way. And the internet will work for you in way you never imagined. Why not call EO now and set up an appointment?


A Finished Product You Can Maintain

You should have few problems tweaking your content, when you follow Elite Digital marketing advice. WordPress was inspired by the dream everybody should own their own presence. You could feel like your own web developer soon, as you intuitively follow the prompts. See your blogs and newsletters come alive literally before your eyes!

The WordPress Plugins Options You Need

WordPress may boast the best content management system CMS. However, the later versions have additional add-ons that allow you to tweak your design in style:

  • Create custom forms and eye-catching sliders
  • Use WordPress advanced analytics and SEO engine
  • Imagine what you could do with one of WordPress’ 5,000 free plug-ins

A Finished Product With Advanced SEO

SEO optimization means your website aligns to algorithms, and appears in search engine results. WordPress takes this further by allowing you to enhance this.

  • Check your readability stats
  • Add your keywords and meta data
  • Optimise images and add alt tags
  • These simple steps many overlook could build you that solid reputation on Google you came looking for here!

    Our WordPress Services

    WordPress Design

    Our experts will create the best WordPress design for your business or corporate website.

    WordPress Development

    Our specialists will develop for you a professional website with WordPress, that can fit all your needs and bring in many new customers.

    WordPress Ecommerce

    Using WordPress plugins our team will develop an easy-to-use and customizable eCommerce website for growing your business.

    Your WordPress FAQs Answered

    Why Do You Recommend WordPress?

    WordPress is reliably robust with few challenges compared to its competition. But at the same time it presents great opportunities for innovation. WordPress versatility allows users to expand site features literally in minutes, often without coding. Many of the plug-ins are available free! There are also thousands of themes, many of them free too. They enable users to change their entire site appearance, usually without affecting content. In summary, WordPress makes it easier to expand your web presence while improving customer interface. It also quietly keeps you up to date in the background.

    How Do WordPress Plug-Ins Work?

    A plug-in is a separate piece of software. It adds a feature you can integrate with your WordPress, at the touch of a few buttons without disturbing anything else.

    How Can Developers Improve WordPress?

    WordPress makes its code freely available to developers. Advanced developers like EO can get inside a WordPress theme, and tailor it to client satisfaction.

    What Are the Main WordPress Advantages?

    WordPress is free but it is not limiting.

    • Linking a WordPress to a host is easy and quick
    • It has thousands of themes for smooth starts
    • The content editor is flexible and easy to learn
    • Thousands of plug-ins enable users to introduce new features
    • Updating is easy. WordPress does it for you!
    • There are millions of users. Help is everywhere around you.