Pay-Per-Click (PPC Management)

Pay per click advertising may be expensive. But high-converting advertisements are the best way to drive instant inquiries to your website, and turbocharge your marketing campaign.

What’s more, you can snipe your particular audience with precision, so accurate leads more than cover the expense. Let EO craft the advertisements for you. Notice the difference.

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Our Experience Makes the Difference

Elite Digital employs talented pay per click specialists that compliment your business goals with expert advice.

Let them tailor a pay-per-click campaign that contributes to your success. Watch your click-throughs and conversions steadily improve.


Elite Digital Knows the Metrics that Matter

It’s not cheap doing pay per click advertising. That’s why it pays to work with specialists that deliver value for money.

EO knows the right keywords for managed promotions, and decent returns on investment. It is a matter of presenting the right message for the target demographic.

You can rely on EO to lever your competitive advantage. Make us your trusted partner, and you will soon start seeing results!

Our PPC Services

Google Ads

We will use Google Ads to grow your business. Get in front of customers when they’re searching for your services on Google.

Facebook Ads

Our experts will create and manage attractive social media ads on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Display Ads

We will help you promote your business when people browse online, watch YouTube videos, or use mobile devices. 


How Does Pay Per Click Actually Work?
PPC pay per click advertising complements SEO. You pay the search engine a fee, each time someone clicks on your advertisement and follows the link.

This increases your website views, and potentially your turnover if you follow through on your site.

PPC is a sure-fire way to link to users searching keywords relating to your business. That’s provided your website keywords connect the dots.

How to Succeed with PPC Advertising
Well first of all. you need to choose the right keywords for your brand and your business. For if you get this wrong, your advertisement will not show up high in search engine results.

And then secondly, your advertisement message must be strong, and convincing enough for web users to want to click through. Being high up on search results is not good enough on its own.

And finally, the landing page the PPC links too must seize the visitor’s attention right away, and in terms of the search term they used. For if everything does not align, then they will bounce away.

Making Pay Per Click Work in Practice
The principle is simple, although the devil can be in the detail.

• Bid for your ads to appear in top spots on search results for your main keywords.
• Bid separately for other keywords and phrases, if you want to widen your spread.
• A search engine ‘auction’ chooses the ads that best match the keywords.
• Your advertisement will feature high in search results for your keywords if successful.
• If your advertisement atracts users, you start getting click throughs for which you pay.

How Long Before My Ads Are Live?
We’ll assume you completed the set up steps, and are good to go. However, the search engine will still want to review your campaign make sure everything checks out.

This should take maybe an hour, following which you will be ‘live’ and in business. If you choose EO to run your PPC campaign, we’ll provide feedback on its performance.

How Much Will Each Click Cost Me?
Google sets its rates using an algorithm depending on your industry, and your business location. But it also adds a spin based on your keywords. The average rate is around US $2.50 a click.

However, the actual amount you pay could range anywhere from US $10 down to 10 ten cents a click.

An experienced PPC consultant can predict these numbers fairly accurately. And then set your frequency of appearances to avoid overstretching your budget.

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