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We offer premium email marketing services customized for all types of businesses. Let’s talk about your goals and create a lasting relationship between your business and your customers.

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A One-Stop-Shop for All Your Emails

If you want to grow your brand with emails, then Elite Digital is the one-stop service for you. You’ll have more customers calling in as your reputation for good service spreads.

We’ll stay with you throughout the process, while we discover what your audience wants, where they are, and how we can deliver what they need.

Why not let our email marketing scribes build you the email promotion you always wanted? An email campaign that brings fresh inquiries through the door every day.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that uses email to promote your company’s products or services. It is a type of direct marketing as well as digital marketing.

Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers. You can offer coupons, and discounts on other services and products, or send real-time information about new products and services. Your customers will love it!

Email marketing is an effective way to drive traffic and increase sales. With creative email templates, you can create email campaigns to test different subject lines and receiver personas by using an email product such as MailChimp or Mailerlite.

How Our Smart Email Campaigns Work For You


Polish Your Brand’s Reputation

Happy customers are the best reputation we could ever want. That’s because they tell their friends about us, and that’s the best advertisement we need.

Let Elite Digital craft compelling emails that delight your customers with special discounts, informative blogs, and exciting news of new offerings as your business grows.


Keep Growing On Your Business

Did you wonder how chain stores became so successful? Well, that’s because their customers read their promotions, and keep coming back for more.

It’s easier to grow repeat business than it is to break into new markets. That’s why you need to send informative emails that stay in touch with all your customers.

A Return on Investment You Can’t Beat

Hub Spot confirms the average email campaign yields an average 42: 1 return. That could mean $42 in your pocket for every $1 you spend. How is this possible? It is doable because delivering emails is cheap, and everybody checks their mailbox a dozen times a day. Hitting their sweet spot with right content is key.


Inspire Your Audience Where They Are

We’re all somewhat different in terms of where we shop. Some of us prefer searching Facebook, instead of waiting for email messages. THerefore we need a broader spread. We should be able to repost our emails as blog posts if we plan right. Hard-hitting opening lines can look great on Twitter too. The potential for email content is endless.

Our Email Marketing Services

Email Automation

We will set up email automation to drive your sales and engagement.

Email Design

We will build customized email templates to achieve your email marketing goals. 

Email Campaign Management

We will provide email campaign management services to help you get a list of potential clients.

Critical Steps in Email Marketing

Everybody who’s seriously into business includes email in their marketing mix. Elite Digital uses a three-stage approach to ensure its customers remain a step ahead. 

  • First, we sort their email lists into categories with specific interests.
  • Then, we craft a series of focused email message strings.
  • And finally, we help our customers brand their offers in ways that sell.

There’s no substitute in Elite Digital’s minds for getting things right the first time for our clients. We love it and we do it well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Email Marketing Do?

Email marketing strategy sends Email messages directly to subscribers. They are a great way to share product information, breaking news and special offers instantly.

Subscribers will welcome messages if we share valuable information they can use. They are also more likely to remember us when they need something. Because they know that we do.

When Is the Best Time to Send Emails?

The best time that we can send emails is when the target users are active. We use emails to share information we know will interest our recipients. However, it’s important to focus messages on how we can help them. As opposed to messaging for the sake of it.

Are There Three Different Types of Emails for Me?

There have to be three different types of messages, because we must meet recipients where they are on their journey.

  • Welcoming emails create a sense of belonging, after we add a new contact to our list. 
  • Promotional emails alert them to breaking news, and topics like additional products and discounts.
  • Newsletters are best for regular customers who will be interested in what our brand is doing.

However, social media are also a great substitute for communicating with customers who prefer posts over emails. The channel can be as important as the message we send.

How Do I Persuade People to Open Emails?

You have to convince people to open your emails by making them attractive. Subject lines that hook attention are powerful, provided you meet that is in their promises.

Writing your subject line first is the best way to ensure you follow through on your topic. Give a brief summary of your content first, then expand your theme with more valuable information.

But you could also stimulate curiosity by injecting humour, even controversy. A cute emoji could be the tipping point, provided you don’t overdo it.

How Do I People to Read My Emails?

Persuading people to open emails is an art. However, keeping them reading through your call to action, and following it, needs a different technique.

People read content in order to learn something useful while hoping it will be fun. Therefore it follows your email messages must be useful, friendly and informal tools.

Not everybody has a natural gift with words that convince, and logic that sells. Elite Digital has a team of gifted content writers with an enviable record of success.

Can Split Testing Improve My Email Rates?

You should definitely be able to improve your email opening, reading, and click-through rates with split trials. And the basics are quite easy when you know how.

Let’s say, just for example, you have been using a canned email message for a while. It is working, but not quite as well as you wish. Here’s what you do. 

  • Experiment with tweaked subject lines and content, to see whether this makes a difference.
  • Try sending your emails at different times, according to suitable hours where your recipients are.
  • Try presenting special offers and hooks at various places in your email messages.

Remember, most people read email messages when they arrive, or not at all and that’s never. Elite Digital has more tips to make email campaigns hum. Why not contact us now?

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