Case Study – Medical Digital Marketing

Business Code: PPP (Mental Health Clinics)
Digital Marketing Services Coverage:

  • Website Development and maintenance
  • Local SEO
  • Lawyer Digital Marketing (SMM and Pay-per-click)
  • Website and Email Management
  • Business Consulting

About the client:

PPP is a specialist Mental Health Service provider centrally located in Metro Manila Philippines. 

Initial Situation:

PPP commissioned Elite Digital to build its website and help them have a prominent digital presence.

As PPP was relatively a new company when we started working with them, they did not have any sort of digital presence.

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Strategy Overview:

Our primary focus was to increase patient numbers, with our secondary focus to bring traffic to the website. We began by creating a dynamic SEO campaign in conjunction with aggressively increasing the reach of the business through Google Maps/business listings focusing on relevant Metro Manila cities.

After we built their website, we started with our SEO and other digital marketing campaigns. In the first week of their operations, PPP was already featured in the media.

Today, PPP is one of the most prominent mental health service providers in the Philippines.

To maximize opportunities and create new leads immediately, we created and managed an internal Adwords campaign on behalf of the business, having the business pay Google directly to reduce unnecessary agency-related costs. The core of the strategy was (and remains) for Elite Digital Marketing to take full responsibility for the majority of marketing efforts in order to drive a controlled result without burdening the operations of the business. We also conduct quarterly meetings with the teams, acting autonomously and providing clear reports to the director to maintain transparency.

As Elite Digital employed aggressive digital marketing campaigns we managed to help PPP reach about 10 million individuals through organic and paid marketing campaigns.




1st Quarter:

• Adwords costs reduced by 40% per month ($1 – $2) per click
• Organic website traffic increased by 100%
• Overseas traffic reduced to 9% of total traffic
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 20 phrases
• New patient numbers up by 29%, phone calls up by 42%

2nd Quarter:

• Adwords costs reduced by 90% per month ($0.099) per click
• Organic website traffic increased by 200%
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 26 phrases, up from 3
• Ranking 1st for 20 keywords
• Ranking top 3 for 19 phrases
• New patient numbers up by 100%, phone calls up by 150%