Case Study – Lawyer Digital Marketing

Business Code: EFL (Sydney Law Firm)
Digital Marketing Services Coverage:

  • Website Development and maintenance
  • Local SEO
  • Lawyer Digital Marketing (SMM and Pay-per-click)

About the client:

EFL is a specialist Family Law Firm centrally located in North Sydney. In 2017, EFL was recommended in Doyle’s Guide as one of the Leading Family and Divorce Law Firms in Sydney.

Initial Situation:

EFL commissioned a website development agency in Sydney with the intention of leveraging sleek new branding to increase conversions rates. Unfortunately, the developer mistakenly overlooked key areas which impact website rankings during the website’s development. Due to this oversight, the business lost +90% of its previous organic traffic and rankings, thus negatively impacting lead generation and client volumes.

Elite Digital Marketing and its partners were brought in to rectify this situation as fast as possible by any means necessary.

Strategy Overview:


Within 3 hours of scoping and accepting the project, the Elite Digital Marketing team created a dynamic Adwords campaign to create instant lead generation during the problematic early stages. The goal for the Adwords campaign was to control costs while adapting the marketing strategy, enabling the team to discover what phrases turned into paying clients in the law industry. The campaign acted as a temporary buffer for 2 months while the more cost-effective and powerful SEO campaign gained traction with Google.

To assist in creating tangible results and to further drive the potential of the SEO campaign, the team simultaneously increased the reach of the business on Google Maps listings and other business listing platforms. The emergency marketing campaign was transitioned to a sustainable long-term SEO campaign 2 months in, at which point Elite Digital Marketing’s work was greatly scaled to further accelerate results.


1st Quarter:

• Adwords lead generation operated as a profitable buffer
• Organic website traffic returned to normal as prior to the website redevelopment and increased by a further 18%
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 9 phrases, up from 1
• Daily search listing views up to 63 from 13

2nd Quarter:

• Organic website traffic increased by 108%
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 21 phrases, up from 1
• Ranking 1st for 9 phrases up from 0
• Ranking top 3 for 12 phrases up from 1
• Daily search listing views up to 210 from 13

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